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Thibault Théodore

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2023-2024 Université de Montréal, specialized graduate diploma in arts, creation & technologies

2022-2023 Stockholm University, international master in cinema studies (I/MA/C/S)
2021-2022 Université de Montréal, international master in cinema studies (I/MA/C/S)
2020-2023 Université de Liège, international master in cinema studies (I/MA/C/S)
I/MA/C/S thesis : Documentary Cinema as Legal Procedure. An Analysis of Errol Morris’ Films Through the Phenomenology of Jacques Derrida Up Until the Courtrooms (July 2023, doi.org/2268/306593).

2017-2020 UCLouvain / Saint-Louis University, Brussels, trilingual bachelor in political science
2020 Åbo Akademi University, film & visual arts studies (Erasmus+ exchange)
2020 University of Turku, political science & European studies (Erasmus+ exchange)

2017 Athénée Robert Catteau, diploma of higher secondary education, latin-science


2016— MADEYE, « chief executive officer »

2023— Université de Montréal, teaching & research assistant

2023— Observatoire du cinéma au Québec (OCQ), communications assistant

2022 Stockholm International Film Festival, international press officer

2013-2024 International Society of the New Patrons, film production, international communication

2011-2019 de Nieuwe opdrachtgevers / les Nouveaux commanditaires de Belgique, film production, photography, graphic design & web support

2018 La Foire agricole (directed by Stéphane Aubier & Vincent Patar, 2019), location manager
2018 Adoration (directed by Fabrice Du Welz, 2019), location manager


screen.brussels, Wallimage, Public health referent on film sets (Covid-19), August 2020


University of Pennsylvania, Hollywood: History, Industry, Art, 2018
University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Cinema through a Global Lens, 2018
Københavns Universitet (Coursera), Scandinavian Film and Television, 2018
Stanford University, Identifying Early Signs of Psychosis in Adolescents and Young Adults, 2020


2020-2023 Cinéclub Nickelodéon (ULiège), organizing committee; graphic design & communication

2019-2020 Erasmus Student Network Belgium, national communication manager
2018-2019 ESN Brussels United, communication manager, ad interim coordinator
2017-2018 ESN Saint-Louis Brussels, communication manager

2015-2017 Marcheurs de la Paix, president
2012-2015, communications & media manager

2016 Brussels Short Film Festival, youth jury member

Brussels – Montréal

mail [a] thibault-theodore.com
+32 47 08 08 008
+1 438 365-6784

VAT number BE0758564249