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Born in 1999 in Brussels, Belgium, and still lives at the same place ever since.

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Personal Work

Project Pinda

One year of work, three countries; this cute and action teddybear short-film is finally out ! See it below !

Take a look at Pinda's Instagram account !

little_pinda_kaas on Instagram » 

Professional Work (permanent)

Webdesign, Head of Communication and Videomaker

Webdesign and webmaster, logomaking and videos (interviews) at the international organisation of the New Patrons, called by the French name Les Nouveaux commanditaires.

nouveauxcommanditaires.eu »

Videos for De Nieuwe Opdrachtgevers or Les Nouveaux commanditaires, the Belgian part of the above-mentioned association.

denieuweopdrachtgevers.be »

Webdesign and administration for the organisation GranPavese.

granpavese.org »

Head of Communication and Media

Marcheurs de la Paix, a prize-winning organisation of the Athénée Robert Catteau high-school in Brussels. Videos, event organisation, photographer and head of communication and media of the school since 2012, including the Move Tegen Pesten 2015 where all schools of the City of Brussels took part in a giant flashmob on Brussels' Grand-Place.

Awards and achievements

Transferability Award win of the 7th Forum of Innovations in Education, 2014, by Schola Ulb, University of Brussels.

Top 3 in Le Soir's Commercial Video competition 2016 for the Snakear commercial.

Best radio commercial contest win of the 2016 Les Jeunes entreprises competition for Snakear.


From July 2016, this list is discontinued. All my creations are now part of madeye.
View the new portfolio on madeye.brussels

Featured Projects

Athénée Robert Catteau - Marcheurs de la Paix projects

Move Tegen Pesten 2012 video:

Move Tegen Pesten 2014 rap:

Rap de Lucas

Après la Danse de Lucas, le Rap de Lucas !! :D#MoveTegenPesten

Posté par Thibault Theodore sur jeudi 27 février 2014
Graphical designs projects

A selection of the finest posters I make for people (click to magnify):

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Image description
FDLM 2016 - Affiche 1
Image description

...and logos (that magnify trick still works):

Image description
Bal Masqué - Athénée Robert Catteau - Thibault Theodore
Image description
Image description
Image description
Pinda short-film - Thibault Theodore

Some film stills and extra things:

Image description
Image description
Image description

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